Truth in the Rhythm of Mali

Why it’s impossible to ban secular music in Mali.

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Dodging crocs on chimp island

Tanzania’s Rubondo Island National Park in Lake Victoria is a place where chimpanzees live wild, Nile perch prowl the depths and crocodiles surf the waves. Come, the forest is calling.

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Born in the Sun

A pair of Verraux’s Eagle-Owls were witness to my humiliation. They called from an Acacia tree as we crouched in the grass, spying on a tusker. Wildlife Guide, Lewis Mangaba, pulled out a little bag and began puffing it releasing powder into the air. “Is that to mask our scent?” I asked. “No,” he said, […]

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Lessons from Kamkwamba

 In 2012 I went to find one of my heroes. He comes from a small village in Malawi called Kasungu. You might have heard of him, William Kamkwamba, “the boy who harnessed the wind.” His story took flight on a TED Talk in June 2007. I watched on my computer screen, a nervous Kamkwamba ascending […]

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Chasing Waves on the Moon

A Bertish brothers surf exploration across the islands of the Comoros. The Comoros group of islands are located between northern Mozambique and northern Madagascar in the upper Mozambican Channel, off the coast of East Africa. The fact that the four island archipelago is named after the ‘Moon’, in Arabic (Qamar), is fitting as it is […]

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The Valley of the Moon

Stretching from Lake Tanganyika in the South to Lake Albert in the North, the Albertine Rift is a lush, green corridor of volcanic wonders and rich culture.  We know Africa’s Great Rift for its concentration of wildlife and geological splendour such as Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. But it’s a vast region made up of two […]

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Fish farm in a container in the running for global award

Cape Town’s Alan Fleming and Lungile Mafilika have made it to the final round of the global Empowering People Award, hosted by Siemens Stiftung. Alan is the creator of the world’s first fish farm in a shipping container and the farm was selected from more than 800 entries from 90 countries. It is now competing with […]

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A kid on a boat

I’m in a boat on Lake Malawi, a Mokoro carved from a single tree. I’m laughing with three kids who balance on the other end, Christina, Clarissa, and Jonathan who’s smile is larger for having lost his baby teeth. They are being ferried by this mzungu from one part of the beach to another, for the […]

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This is a little story about an eggshell blue car, a deceiving colour since her shell is as hard as rock. So is her suspension. I got to know her on the Botswana leg of the Mzanzi Trophy Rally. She had my heart bouncing. She is indeed named after the famous chef, Nigella. The colour […]

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Namibia, hardly a desert

We bump into each other. We transfer energy, smiles, opinions and philosophies. Half the time we don’t agree, so we often avoid it. We put up walls, encase ourselves in steel then speed around blind corners, forgetting that it’s a law of nature. And we bump into each other. We saw the result of this […]

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